Sunday, February 25, 2018

A Favorite Resource - Senior High: A Home Designed Form+U+La

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 From time to time I will highlight a favorite resource I have used. I don't keep up with all the newest items out there, but the ones I will share are ones that I have used successfully and found to be helpful.

One of the first resources I found amazingly helpful has been Barb Shelton's book. (shown above) My copy is held together with rubber bands and paper clips. I have used it for around 20 years. She also has a very helpful website called

The book says high school, but you could adapt it for almost any age from upper elementary and above. She does have resources for young children as well at her website. It is a thick book, and while it is best read in its entirety, you can dive into it and learn as you go. It is very adaptive that way. This is not a book intending to give you exact steps, rather you will learn how to use what you are doing and make it count for homeschooling. If used as the author intended, you will find it more and more freeing as you go along through your child's education. 

I am now using the ideas in it for my grandchildren - so Barb you are now second generation in our home.