Sunday, July 31, 2011

Teaching Character - Part 1

Below are two "Must Haves" for teaching character to your family - and yourself. I have used these two books at least 4 or 5 times each week. I study them and refer to them over and over. I have read them to my children regularly. I know of no other resource even close to these two books. (Have I said it strongly enough?) These are important.

Available Here
I call this "The Blue Book". Character traits are explained in detail using Scripture and notable quotes. The pictures are beautiful. The evaluation analysis at the end of each trait listing is thorough and brutally honest. We would do a section at a time with me reading it out loud. We would save the evaluation section for the end and use those questions to generate discussion - and prayer needs - as well as seeing how we measured up and where we needed to improve. We concentrated on one character trait each month.

Available Here
I call this "The Green Book". It is not as detailed and in depth and does not use Sripture, but this is where I get the *hook* to help my children visualize the character trait being studied. We learn the 5 "I Wills" for each trait. That gives us a means of understanding what that trait looks like in action. We also get ideas of things we can do in our family to practice that trait.

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