Friday, September 21, 2012

College Bound

When the Princess was in her last year of high school, she was very determimed concerning her wishes to go to college. I spent some time (at her request) researching various colleges and talking with her about her options throughout her last two years of high school in order to focus our search direction. It was not done excessively, I would just have some time here and there and look up various places that sounded interesting to see what they offered and their entrance requirements. We then casually talked about the options - usually while driving to some activity. Her high school curriuclum was modified and tweaked yearly to deal with topics and skills she would seem to need to go to college.

The choices became more focused and narrowed as she began her senior year of high school. Early in the year we thought we had it settled that she would attend a local community college her first two years and save money and still live at home. That door slammed shut when the Lord revealed some serious issues concerning that choice. It became clear that a Christian college was the only option for our family. But it also presented some curriculum challenges. The Princess needed a music major with a focus on the flute. Piano and vocal majors abound - good flute instuction and orchestras are harder to come by. We had it narrowed to three options and set up campus visits. One visit was dropped as there were some communication issues - not a good sign when recruiting. Two campuses were actually visited - both were great visits, but one option seemed a best fit.

Option 1 - Verity Institute
Option 2 - Southern Adventist University

And Southern Adventist University it was/is! I was chosen as a parent blogger during the Princess' Freshman year. The blog site isn't still active, but it is all archived and you can link to my entries Here. There are many details covered in my parent blogging that explain the process of our choices and why we chose a Christian college different from our own denomination.

I am planning a series of entries for this blog that I hope will help shed light on post high school options - just use the tag labeled "college".

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